Dream Scribe

2022-11-01 22:59:00 (UTC)

Less Is More.

It's simple,
I'm not.
Why worry?
Because I care.
Fuck this SUCKS,
It sure does.
Wash yourself,
I can't.
It's hard.
It's meant to be.
You'll see.
Future tripping.
We just don't know
what the future holds.
How wonderful it is.
How beautiful.
How odd.
Shame-based memories :
Ask me no questions,
Tell me some lies.
Drifters riding
the winds of time,
Always remember to
check their compasses.
And stay out of the
Hurricane's eye.
Worthy Is The Lamb,
For Joy cometh in the morning.
Purpose unfolds itself anew,
As time closes its doors,
For the final time.
Then Time starts over again.
The sight of You is breathtaking.
I trust that no one else can see.
I Hope that somebody else will know.
I keep forgetting to forget.
I'm quicker to forgive.
These days soon will come to an end.