Up All Night
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2022-11-01 03:04:01 (UTC)


My neighbor came by when I was writing my last entry and I lost track of what I wanted to write about.

Today I recieved my spending money. I had a McDonald's breakfast of biscuits and gravy, sausage and scrambled eggs and coffee. I also ordered toilet paper from the store and salad ingredients and diet cola.

I didn't shower this morning. I just put my clothes on and brushed my hair. I feel kinda grubby. I haven't had a shower since Saturday night. Tonight I'm going to get into the shower before I go to bed and scrub myself. I may take another in the morning.

On the whiteboard it has me showering every morning, then doing chores, then resting and going to group.

I'm running out of clean clothes. I must go to the laundromat next pay day. Also, I'm going to have to buy clothes. I don't have enough. Many of them are too big for me. I've lost 21 pounds. Can't wait to lose the rest. I like having more of a shape to me instead of just a blob.

Back to eating lots of salads ...