Up All Night
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2022-11-01 01:03:33 (UTC)


Today was pay day for me. After buying food and drinks I have about 7.00 or so dollars left. Three dollars has to go for medicine delivery. I won't have any more money for six days.

I can't decide what to do with my hair. I had it cut into a pixie cut over a year ago. I liked that hair cut a lot. Might have it cut like that again ....

All I have to eat until my groceries are ordered is Ramen and salad. I have some cans of veggies and a few salmon fillets. I won't starve and will make it until my groceries are ordered by the agency that handles my money. I need to have them take the chicken noodle soup off of my list -- I'm not eating it and have about a dozen cans. That and crackers. I need to make some changes to my monthly grocery list and will talk to them on the phone about it.

I have to have a payee to get my SSI. Originally applied for disability when I found out I was diabetic. Now they have schizophrenia as the reason I get my disability.

I am tired of schizophrenia. More later ...