Lost for words at times
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2022-10-31 13:57:07 (UTC)

Kylo & My Brother

This time last year Kylo was still with us. Unaware, his mummy was going to carve out a pumpkin and stuff him in it. This picture was his first Halloween picture, it was supposed to be the first of many.

My brother will be returning home from hospital to his family today. He still has a very long road of recovery. He will no doubt have to change his lifestyle first and foremost. l don't know how he is going to manage that. As he is a man that is continuely on the move. I'm sure his partner will keep him in check though. I hope to go see him again towards the end of the week.

The past two weekend's have been chaotic. This weekend my tumble dryer caught fire. It was around this time last year my washing machine did the same thing. Are my white goods trying to tell me something? Thankfully myself and my property are ok.

So much sadness myself and my family has endured this year. Sometimes, l stop and wonder what's going to be next. My own mental health has taken a beating, i'm done with all the crying, confusion and heartbreak. I have no fight left in me anymore to combat another round of tragedies. My attempt's of just picking myself up, dusting myself off, at times seem futile. Yet, my ole raggity body still goes on, when in fact i'm done here now.

Until next time, take care of you x

Grateful for
Loving memories of Kylo💕
My brother's improving health
Friend's and family.
My online friend 'K'🖤