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2022-10-30 19:05:48 (UTC)

Goals Reflection: October 2022


[Names and locations have been obscured to preserve privacy.]

The tent is wonderful: lots of space, plenty of privacy, and even though it's cold I'd prefer it to living with others in a bunk room. All of my possessions are now under one roof, and protected from the elements.

Improvements include a rain fly I installed just today, and fairly soon my tent stove will arrive and I'll install that to ensure I have heat and stay warmer through the cold winter. I'm positively bubbling about the potential that's opening up in terms of my living situation. It's a fantastic feeling. I never knew living in a tent would be so fulfilling. Money changes everything... Well, -spending- money changes everything, or at least has the potential to do so.

It's coming to the time of year when special events for the interns are happening. These are in place of winter holidays, and as far as I can tell I think they serve a couple purposes. For one, we won't be doing much gardening (beyond the greenhouse) so there's a lot of empty time that ought to be filled. Second, being outdoors during much of the winter will be very inhospitable, so we need an excuse to not have to go out and freeze our asses off out there. Not everyone has the affinity for cold temperatures as I do, I must admit. Finally, it breaks up the monotony of always having to do handiwork throughout the entire week. Everyone will appreciate a break from the routine, surely.

I took a break and was off-site for a couple days in a row. To sum it up, I met a "milestone" in terms of participation and in exchange received some charitable donations. I took that money and spent some of it on two nights in a hotel room in town. It was un-apologetically great.

We have two more interns starting in the middle of next month. It will be nice to have some new faces around, particularly during the upcoming slower season.

Much of the money I spent this month was in the form of investments. I also received some contributions that reduced my expenditures, and left me with a bit "ahead" in terms of monthly spending. The more I can do this, the better off I'll be. I can't call it "making money," but I can consider it a "shoring-up" of my finances versus constant financial erosion.

I ought to hassle my former soap-partner about shipping those tools out to me so I can move forward on soap-making again. I reminisce about creating it, strangely enough. I miss the process and the end-result, and then sharing it with others. More about her in a bit.

I registered my car in this state, and moved my PO Box closer to the institute. I think these are wise, affordable moves to make at this point. Next will be an updated driver's license.

My stepdad's birthday was this month, and I spent a bit of time chatting with him on the phone. My mother sent me a reminder and requested I ring him, and it seems like he appreciated the gesture. He had two of his children die within a year of one another. It must be devastating for one's kids to die before they do.

Letters are going out mainly once a week, and it's been a joy to write. I'm also consistently participating on the gardening/homesteading discussion board. We have a board game night at the institute about once a week, rarely missing an occasion. Speaking of which, I stop in at the game store nearly once a week as well, and the owner/manager and I are cordial. The other places I visit in town are approaching "frequent flyer" status and it's only a matter of time before they know me by my "usual" orders.

My ex-girlfriend, ex-soap-making-partner and I have been a bit more forward in communicating with one another this past month. Apparently we're both lonely and horny and think it's all right to be casually lewd with each other. This culminated in sharing videos of ourselves with the other, as well as a Zoom call this past weekend that was a bit racy and enjoyable until technical problems intervened. We have a history that extends beyond four and a half years with one another and while neither one of us are seeing someone, we're both comfortable with this.

My elderly aunt in the midwest sent me a care package with a bunch of my late uncle's old sweaters and socks. She's been such a good person to me, though it's only been in recent years that we began spending time with one another. She seems terribly lonely without my uncle around, and seems to keep herself ferociously busy. I wonder if I'll be like that should I live into my 80s.

Weight is consistently below 180, though after this weekend in town I've yet to see where it currently lies. Cold immersion therapy has continued, though admittedly now that it's actually cold outside (I wear a knit cap while I sleep, believe it or not!) this past week I'd not been steadfast.

Still staying clear of illnesses, and as far as we can tell no one round here has contracted COVID. The local area is sparsely-populated, though there is an airport and large group events that - while tempting to attend - I avoid.

Now that I think about it, this was the month of Halloween - likely my favourite conventional "holiday" - though beyond watching a few spooky movies and eating Halloween-themed donuts I really didn't do much with it. I was just chatting with one of the other interns, and remarked that even though I was in town I really didn't participate in much of anything for Halloween. That was a surprising acknowledgement. I miss the city-wide bike rides with a couple thousand costumed riders and the Halloween after-party. I did ride my bicycle through town this past weekend for a bit, but obviously that's not the same thing.

Beyond that, it's board games, letter-writing, star-gazing, and various crafty projects at the institute. This weekend I invested in one of those snap-together electricity kits so I can finally learn more about electricity. I'm far older than the "starting age" for this kit, but I am curious and am looking forward to messing around with it.

I drank this past weekend (the first time I had any alcohol since April), and still have a bottle of red wine I didn't open: I drank five parts of a six-pack of cider, instead. I suppose the next time I take time away from the institute, I'll polish that off. Maybe the spring?

I'm more entrenched than ever here at the institute, in the wilderness. I celebrated my commitment with some off-site me-time. My ex and I are lewd via long-distance, and it's an interesting diversion.