Slowly descending into madness
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2022-10-31 05:48:24 (UTC)

I'm the smoke to my high

For the past 2 days, I've been extremely happy with my life and I'm super confident.

First of all, I got June back. I missed him so much. He was the friend I used to resort to with all my happy and sad incidents. To get him back, I had to be a bit dramatic. Okay, no. A lot dramatic :3 But I did it. He asked me, why I didn't reach out to him these last 2 months. And I was like, cause you told me not to? And he's like, I said it cause I was hurt.

Guys, I swear I've discovered something new. That is, men will not express how they feel. Insane, I didn't know that. I really thought if someone says I don't wanna communicate with you, it means they want to cut me off. Yeah, apparently I was wrong. Anyway, got my best friend back, and I'm super happy. I will always put energy and effort into prioritizing people I care about. Always. (I haven’t texted/called penguin since July because he told me not to. I don't understand how human emotions work. I would never tell someone to stop contacting me if I don’t mean it)

Other good news is, I was asked to send out my CV right after the result to both UNDP and a2i. I don't know what I have in my luck, whether either of these or both of these or something else. But I'm super glad that I'm on their radar. What happens in the future, is in the future. I will not bother about that right now, but thank God, I feel like everything will fall into place as I hoped for.

Sushmit bhaia wrote a bigass thing on fb and he tagged me in it. It's very flattering and a bit embarrassing :3 Cause people been asking questions about work. The only thing I don't like to talk about.

What else? It's the end of the semester. I've got t-4 days left in this place and it's a wrap. I pulled off my last term paper session just like that. I'm in a very chill mood. This is one of those days when I feel lucky to be alive.

Overall, I'm at peace with everything, alhamdulillah.