Never Broken
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2022-10-30 22:59:48 (UTC)

Post-surgery, day 4

My arm is very stiff and sore. It mostly aches dully, unless I move it, in which case I am assaulted with a sharp pain that is almost unbearable. I do not think this pain medication is working, but I was not expecting much, as the dose I am taking 3 times daily is only 1/6th of the dose I would normally take. I have an appointment with the surgeon on the 11th, and I am going to ask him to phone the pain clinic for me and explain that the medication is not effective. Maybe they can raise the dose. If not, I have decided I will find another pain clinic.

Well, that is all I can manage to write today, so I’ll leave off and go listen to another podcast. Oh, yes, I took the bandages off today. I covered the sutures in gauze and tape. There is no major swelling and no signs of infection. For this, I am thankful.