Lilac lavendar2

Starting over
2022-10-29 23:13:51 (UTC)

I mean, I never really forgot

I never really forgot what I had, I always knew what I had. I just made him feel unappreciated, unloved and unseen. He changed when he went back to work, I mean he still did everything, but I could honestly see the resentment building right before my eyes. Whenever I tried to help him do something, though in my defense, he would get offended 'what I didn't clean that good enough for you?", so I just stopped. I don't know how I made him feel, I don't understand any of this really....

I don't have to understand it though, so there's that

I'm just not sure what I am supposed to do? Do I keep just being myself and seducing/manipulating him everytime I can? or do I, gulp, give him his space?

what the fuck do I do???? he wants his sweet little wife back, well re-read my diary I have always been a hot mess, full of anxieties, well guess what honey she's back, only now I am an unmedicated hot mess, and alone, so an alone unmedicated hot mess, and what I mean by unmedicated is today is 53 days since I've had a norco

God, just please fix this

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