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Starting over
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2022-10-29 16:42:05 (UTC)

It was very real

2013-07-11 12:00:16 (UTC)
My dearest Mike,
I just wanted to tell you thanks for being my rock. I have never had someone stand by me and be there, so solid before. I have never had someone hold me and tell me that it was ok to cry, that that's what their chest was for, to absorb my tears. I have never had someone love me the way you love me before. I have never been this happy before...EVER~

I have spent most of my life staying with a freaking loser just because I was so afraid to leave him due to fear of the unknown, who would love me with my 2 kids, one with a fatal disease? who would love my kids? all those millions of questions a person asks themselves. Then along comes this perfect man, who just treats my kids like they are royalty, I am constantly asking myself "Is this real?" I mean I have read about stuff like this in books, seen stuff like this in movies, but in real life??? come on now, this stuff doesn't happen to me, only it did, it really did. You have made my life complete and I want to thank you. I couldn't love you any more than I do, only it actually seems like I fall in love with you a little more every single day, is that even possible?

Everyone that knows us, can see our happiness, it is spilling over into your work even, you are becoming the champion that I always knew you were. I bet we are on that cruise, if not this year than the next~ I can't wait!

All I know is that I am so looking forward to moving into our 'own' place, we are going to be so happy, I just know it. I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you~ Watching many more sunrises and sunsets with you~

All my love, Michele
Well he did earn that cruise and that's where we got engaged.

Life was so easy then, until I had to go fuck everything up