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2022-10-29 16:00:49 (UTC)

There’s a common misconception ..

There’s a common misconception that when a married person begins abusing alcohol or drugs, it’s because he or she was unhappy with the marriage. This can be hurtful and simply not true.

An addict doesn’t abuse alcohol or drugs maliciously. Becoming an addict is not about betrayal or believing that drugs are more important than family. Becoming physically and psychologically dependent is a brain disease; an obsessive compulsion that defies rationality and forces people to knowingly act against their best interests.

Addiction recovery is a lifestyle, not something that can be completed and checked off a list. At the same time, a marriage is a partnership built on a foundation of understanding, loyalty, compromise, respect, and love. Although addiction may seem like a hurricane of unspeakably destructive proportions, a strong marriage has the foundation to weather the storm.

I have faith our foundation is strong