Slowly descending into madness
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2022-10-29 18:50:59 (UTC)

End of one love

June unfriended me on both fb and insta. One of us had to do it sometime, and I wouldn’t be the one to cut ties off. But yep, one of us had to do it. We talked last 30th August, this is almost end of October. If I wanted to fix things, I would have done it by now, that's the truth. He told me he doesn’t want to continue and I respected his choice.

The only thing I've been scared of losing this year was our friendship and we're there. I don’t know how worse it get can for me because except for my parents and siblings, there's nothing else I'm scared of losing. Imagine God taking away the good things one by one from you, how to live with this? I'll be in my room, mourning for everything I've lost this year.

I'm really sad today.