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I Hate Middle School
2022-10-26 21:49:51 (UTC)

Poetry Schmoetry


Today I'm in a pretty bubbly mood. I messaged a few people on here asking for advice (maybe I'll even make friends with one or two) and I lit a candle for my nice warm shower. Oooo! I also wrote a silly poem using foreign words for my Language Arts class, Riley didn't wanna hear since she's all crabby for no reason today so I'll show you instead!

- - - - -

Bonjour, he say
he means good day, when I come in to dine
What would you like to eat he asks
I say escargot would be fine
He writes that down then turns around but I stop him dead in his tracks
And don’t forget bruschetta I ask and your finest wine in a glass
- - - - -

I love writing poetry! I wanna say I'm not good at it but I don't think there's really a way to be bad at poetry. Poetry is what you make it I guess. I even had a poem published in a book back in 4th or 5th grade for a school contest sort of thing. Lemme see if I can find it...

- - - - -
Warm mittens, sweet kittens,
and chocolate drink. Are all Little
things that are make ́n me think about
All of the seasons, but winter is best. Wether
Snowy or rainy its nice in the west. the wether,
Its cold, but the lights are so bold and that's how
Winter is here. My reason two? I don't have a clue
Except snuggling up by the fire. With a cat on my
Lap and a dog at my feet its time to plug in the
Wire. with a wow and some cheer christmas is
Here, with all its sugar and snacks but most of
All the star of the show, the one and only, the big
And jolly, man with the big toy filled Sack. my
real reason three? That's all up to me, so I
Thought long and hard. The thing that i
See as my number three, is the cards
And all of the the joy, not just the toys
Or the good girls and boys, but the
Time that we all spend together
- - - - -

There it is, this is oooooollllldddddd! I'm happy that I got it published though. I don't think it was really that good but I don't think it's that terrible either. I don't plan on being a full time author when I'm older since I'm not really that good at grammar and stuff but I would love to publish a small poetry book in my free time! How about this one I just wrote?

- - - - -
Poetry Schmoetry

Poetry schmoetry, write it, they said
I know what I want but it’s stuck in my head
I have zero rhythm, I have zero rhyme
I have zero patience, I have zero time
The most successful poets, seem to have this all done
But in terms of poems, I only have one
A poem of struggles, and writers block too
Poetry schmoetry, what do I do
- - - - -

God, I really do love poetry! It's so fun to make funky words sound nice together. I think the rhyming gets your brain stimulated too. I know this was kinda a weird entry but I'm going to end it here so I can focus on more... not poetry-y things lol. Buh bye!

~ Gentleman