The Dairy Of Oblivion
2022-10-27 19:56:36 (UTC)

I wanna off myself

Uh school is killing me lately, I literally got an 1 at history because of my own foolness like I wanted to check something on my phone during a test (yes I was cheating, couldn’t manage to study lol) andddddd the teacher caught me :3 later because of that I was holding back tears all english lesson and came back from school crying heh cool. Anddddddd N. (A. Formerly, he changed his name [u know some lgbtq ppl do that sometimes]) is making me kinda stressed lately, he literally behaves like he hates me then back to normal it’s so fucking weird my god.. maybe it’s because of my obsessive overthinking I’m beginning to hate him even tho I don’t want to and I wanna convince myself that he isnt lying to me etc oh godddddd also I’m shocked because I’m feeling better today like not today but this evening thx to one of my personalities that’s a total egoist and I’m general when this personality of mine is “on” I feel better usually so yea upgrades ppl upgrades :> I still kinda wanna die because I made a complete idiot of myself yesterday (I wasn’t school today cause we had a school trip and I rly didn’t want to go lol) because of kinda crying at school I’m sure someone noticed lol but yesterday something good happend at the same time cause I finally managed to change seats at English study causeeeee previously I was sitting with s. mhhhhh I wanna die and I’m gonna sleep now ok