Lost for words at times
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2022-10-27 03:28:24 (UTC)

3am at work

My brother has been moved out of ICU to the cardiac ward. This morning before being moved he was complaining of chest pain and he was rushed to have an x ray and scan. The 3 stent's in his heart are doing what there supposed to. They put the pain down to all the bruising in his chest area.
His partner 'J' said he's starting to get his witty sense of humour back. I'm so grateful thing's are looking good on his recovery.

I'm at work with Matt & Amy having an amazing night shift as we always do. I've drank far too many Monster energy drink's, which mean's extra job's all round🤣l love my work colleague's.

I have arranged to go out with Amy this weekend. Manchild is playing in the pub her mother work's in. We can't wait to suprise him!!

Until next time, take care of you x