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2022-10-27 02:08:32 (UTC)

Update Layoff and House

Dear Diary,
I re read my entry and realized how little I said about the house and some typos and made it sound strange!

So its a cute simple Folk Victoria from 1900. 2 bedrooms upstairs and Back porch, kitchen, bath, dining, sun room and living room. Garage with a work shop seperate, 3 outer sheds, decent sized and a big yard that is two lots with great big old trees and those Blue Spruce? Pine trees all along the road side. Flowers and all types of things and a brick patio and a covered patio out the back door with a porch swing. The house is adorable with a cute weather vane and scales on top peaks of the house.

Met my first neighbor today, she came over, older woman, her son is the man who takes care of the yard here and the woman who lived here she said was a good friend of hers, shes a widow, and used to be mayor back in her day. So that was a nice welcome, she seems like a character and she pointed out her house, Ill stop by sometime and chat more.

So in the living room is an Ez boy big plush recliner and a sofa with a bed in it (just found out tonite) couch is more like a cabin type looking sofa and not all beat up, place is clean, no odors, smoke or pet smells. And there is a tv table, end table, the dining room has a mini bar built with 2 barstools so thats where I eat. Theres a washer dryer and extra fridge in the sunroom and then the kitchen has 2 antique type cabinets left in it with a microwave, fridge and gas stove. Bathroom just off the kitchen, has an avocado green vintage tub, which I dont mind, love that stuff, bathroom is cute but it is small. Lots of cute details around the house but because of the paint colors its all washed out and not noticeable. Ill change that!

I washed some of the kitchen walls, they were a tinge of gray, they were an older couple who lived here for 50 yrs. ANd I scrubbed the back porch, walls are all beadboard, so it will be cool when painted and fresh again, has wall hooks for coats and things in there. ANd then there is a basement door off the dining room.

I scrubbed down the big kitchen window, inside and out, was dirty and cobwebs and took off the top little fringe top curtain. I so wish I brought all my curtains with me! This house needs them, mini blinds in so many windows which I hate, I like curtains. I can pull wide open and then close in the eves, they keep in heat better too and just visually look better, but Ill take all the measurements this trip to pick things out for the next trip back next yr.

I vacuumed out all the windows in the sunroom, so soo dirty and dusty! 10 windows in there! Wrap around the whole room at all angles and my view looks like a green meadow park like setting with huge trees, so I need curtains! So i dont have to peer thru metal blinds. Or yank them up and down every day. they are old and need to go!

This house will be so cute after I decorate it! I ran into town this eve to grab dinner, steak dinner again I can split up over 2 nights, rolls, potatoes and this thai flatbread appetizer.

So I have to sit down and make my to do list of things I want to accomplish. Mainly scrubbing down all the walls, measuring room sizes for furniture ideas to bring back, measure windows, clean all windows inside and out and clean off cobwebs, weed whack the yard and poison for the mole holes in the lawn. Straighten up the garage , moved everything to see if I can fit my vehicle in, have a little bit more to do and need a battery for the remote.

May go and try to buy a water heater myself and use the dolly to get it in, need to slide it down the basement staircase. I mean its worth a shot right? Nobody seems to be free, and I can at least get one and have it here, even if it doesnt get done now. Ill have it here. So wish me luck, wish me to find some awesome handsome handyman to come do all the work for me?

SO Husband did get laid off.... hes doing okay,, still kind of shocking. He had 30 min with his team before he got the axe of internet access cut off and the meeting, and he gave them a heads up that he thought he was getting let go and approved all their holida vacation time! LOL

So he could have come this trip., but I think he would have just been in the way and not much to do for him here as of yet and little furniture, so this will be interesting, said its worst time to be laid off before holidays and so many laid off in mortgage jobs right now, so large pool hunting, he doesnt have to rush, so he said its time for him to see if its time he is going to pivot more to a job he enjoys and for less pay but heading more towards a happier retirement life. Hes been hoping to retire within 5 yrs and do something himself on the side. We are debt free, have a 8 month job loss expense acct for things like this and he should get unemployment.

So he got beer and pizza and video gamed last nite. He is okay and saw it coming, but most hard for him was his team mates upset to hear he was going as he was their manager and them saying he was their mentor, said some cried, so that was really touching for him. It was his first time in management. They let go of several other people, its been happening for weeks and happening all over in the mortgage industry, funny because since co vid they were poaching people for this job, he had 3 jobs over the past few yrs and kept getting better higher offers with eac one.

Well thats it for tonight

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