Dream Scribe

2022-10-27 08:42:00 (UTC)

Spit The Dutchie.

Just researched what a dutchie is. Had no idea except that it is passed around. The song is catching ; never forgotten it. A dutchie is a marijuana-filled Dutch Masters cigar. (Now I will FORGET IT.)

have you ever stood in the
oncoming path of a freshly
broken wave
felt the thrill build as
the water rushes up to
hurl past your legs
and your feet instinctively
brace hard
so you don't get
knocked off balance
then the powerful pull of water
as it rushes back
into the ocean
and by this time
your feet are buried
ankle deep
and you know
that you won't fall over.

have you seen an
exquisite black tulip
next to a white one
bent your head close
to their perfect satin petals
just to get a better
look and feel for them
touched them lightly
to be nourished by
their softness and beauty
one day there will be more.

the open flipside
of the counterfeit coin
carries a secret more powerful
than the Niagara Falls
wade ankle deep with me
until our feet reach
the beautiful shore.