Lilac lavendar2

Starting over
2022-10-26 12:59:21 (UTC)


Why doesn't he love me enough????
✨ He does.

Why doesn't he even fight for me or us????
✨ He did. Maybe it's your turn.

Why does he act like this doesn't bother him at all????
✨ It does. It keeps him awake at night.

Why is he so quick to just say goodbye to the last 10 years????
✨ lack of trust leads to lack of hope.

I thought I found my happily ever after
✨ You did. are you going to give up on that?

What will you do if your husband doesn't stay with you???
✨ Fight for him. it's your turn to save him.

I have a plan, just seriously never thought he would let me walk out the door
✨ He is not superman.

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