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2022-10-20 23:49:30 (UTC)

14th BIRTHDAYYYYYY (unfinished)

Good morning!

Guess what today is!!! It’s my birthday! Fun right? You know, yesterday I was all upset but now it’s okay. I mean, my mom was still yelling at me all morning and just super pissed off for no reason but we got through it. She let me sleep in (skip half of school), take a long shower, and she got me some McDonalds so that was fun. Too bad she was bitching half the time. We’re just having my Aunt Malina and my grandparents over for some ice cream but I guess my aunt was all upset because it’s a weekday and my cousin is working today. She wants us to change it and invite my other cousin over even though he couldn’t give two shits about me. The most he’s ever done for me is get me a scratch-off on my 11th birthday. My mom refused to move it or invite my cousin and my Aunt got all mad. It’s whatever, I’m sure she won’t be like that at the party.

I know I say this every year but it sucks when you remember that your birthday is just another day. Like, yeah it’s the day you were born and you still celebrate it a little but once you reach a certain age everyone stops caring as much.