Lilac lavendar2

Starting over
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2022-10-26 01:16:52 (UTC)

what if?

this mornings text:

what if you move out and we realize we are fools? Not saying don't move out I still think it's the best but...

my response:

we are fools


There simply is no waiting for me to walk out the door to realize that, really. We have a love that most people would kill for and we let it go.

Let go of the 'what if', we could do that with a million things, or 'if only' statements. We just forgot to be grateful for what we had, we did have a lot, and I will never forget it.

Add the song 'promise' yeah also by Jelly Roll to my favorites right now, at least now I have 3 songs on repeat. I'm baby sitting right now, she was super easy tonight as she was tired as hell, so she is in sleeping. Easiest night ever with her.

So weird, Mike just stays in his room, in his own room with the door locked, yeah so that's super weird. He says the medicines are in there, yeah not the kind I liked so we are safe, anyways, we said that he would get a lock box for his meds but since we are at a stalemate he just stays in there. Well when I'm not 'manipulating' him to make love/sex me up. Well that will be done with because he was right it did make it harder. I mean my plan to make him fall back madly in love with me failed so there's that...little too late.

Whenever I made a plan, God laughs