Never Broken
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2022-10-25 22:12:04 (UTC)

Another day closer…

Today was a rather peaceful and joy-filled day. I listened to podcasts in the morning and early afternoon, talked to Carrie for a bit, and then, I went with S to see her new probation officer. The lady was pleasant and S didn’t do anything stupid.

Speaking of S……. We had a rather good discussion today. She thought she had an appointment with her therapist’s, but it was actually next week. Before she knew it was next week however, I told her to consider how she uses her words. I told her that even though she doesn’t mean to take away someone’s choices, her words make the person feel as if they do not have a choice. She actually acknowledged that she did have a problem. I explained to her that just as she doesn’t like it when people take away her choices, I do not like it, either. She acknowledged that this was also true. I explained that when she makes me feel as if I have no choice, I do not respond, and then when I do not respond, I get resentful. Eventually, the resentment builds up and I explode and we fight. I also told her that this is why I do not say things to her or talk to her about things she needs to know, because I am afraid of the reaction I will receive. I think she was shocked. She made the statement that it was pretty bad when I didn’t want to talk to her about things. I told her she did not have to feel bad, because we all have our issues, but that it is something she should try to improve. She said she is trying. I hope so…. I really hope so.

I tried to make a payment that was due on Friday, but they asked for a money order. This confused me since Friday when I tried to pay with a money order, they asked for a credit card payment. Apparently, their credit card system is not running right now. I am trying not to be upset about it, but I am. This was the only dark spot in the day.

Well, I have taken my medications and am going to sleep.