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Starting over
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2022-10-25 21:47:38 (UTC)

starting fresh

New meaning to the starting fresh that I had originally thought. I am now (about to be 55 very soon) and now will be re-entering the world as a known addict, twice married, twice failed....single mother with child haha I don't care if she is 23 she is still my child. We are looking at a place Thursday it will be up for rent real soon, just about the time I would be getting a full check so that would be perfect. I am trying to be excited about this new chapter in my life, but it is hard, not going to lie. I asked Mike "why did you want me to get my feelings back if you knew you were leaving?' that wasn't really fair putting any of this on him. Any ways I have found myself obsessing over all these sad feelings "what happened?" what went wrong?"

you know damn well what happened, you were an addict dumb ass, you deceived everyone including the one man caring for you the most.

Anyways, I have to start focusing on all the positives I do have in my life