thenamelessone's diary
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2022-10-25 22:14:10 (UTC)

October 25

In the spring I photographed a girl, let’s call her Becca. That was her first photoshoot ever, but despite this, it was like as if she was a professional model. She was confident and posed very well. Probably because she’s a dancer, and she’s used to performing in front of an audience. She was enthusiastic, and looked like she enjoyed herself. The resulting photos were some of my best ever. And she’s reliable, responsive, easy to set up the shoot with. So I was very excited that I had found her, and I was looking forward to shoot with her again, and she was also up for it. Since then we tried setting up a shoot multiple times, we even talked over the details, but we never finalized the time, she never had the time for it. I think she genuinely wanted the shoot, sometimes it was her that reached out to me, but it seemed to me like she had a lot going on in her life, probably had some problems too. So she didn’t have the energy to also deal with this. She’s more involved in planning the photoshoot than the other girls I shoot with, she suggests the style, mood, she also collects reference pictures.

Today we finally managed to meet for a shoot. This was a pretty different shoot than my other ones. New location, new style, mood. She came up with the initial idea, and I liked it very much. I haven’t shot in this style before, but I was happy to try it out. It’s a bit bold and sexy. We finalized the idea together. The shoot went without any problems. She’s nice and friendly, we could talk, I like her. I think the pictures are good too, but I don’t know yet how good. Since I haven’t done this before, I can’t really judge how well the idea worked, until I edit the photos. I’m very curious how they’ll turn out.