Lilac lavendar2

Starting over
2022-10-25 19:32:04 (UTC)

the ring

When Mike and I first got together we didn't have much money at all (still don't) but that didn't matter, never did, we had each other. On one of our first dates when we were madly in love, I do remember this young couple said that we looked so happy, anyways, there were street vendors there and he bought me a $25.00 ring that says love Mike 4ever. I had never taken that off.

The first night as I was entering rehab they made me remove it and told me there were going to throw it away, I was crying, please it wasn't much but it has meaning. I couldn't see someone coming all the way back there for something that was $25 ten years ago, so I acted like it was on too tight and I couldn't get it off, (felt like OJ with the glove thing) anyways, they got it off. I cried and cried, finally when they told me about the narcan kit they were giving me upon exit, i asked the guy to tape my ring to the box, he did, so I still was able to get my ring back.

But now I guess I will take it off once again....