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2022-10-25 15:46:17 (UTC)

New Place

Dear Diary,
Well Im back in the midwest at the new place we purchased. Got the keys and Im in! Luckily they left basic furniture, Im sleeping on the couch downstairs as its cooler and no bath upstairs (beds are still there). but a strange house middle of the night and staircase if you gotta pee, no thanks, so Im fine down here. I dont have hot water, the water heater was tripping the breaker, and so far no luck with a plumber. But I have everything else working, and its not super cold yet, so I can make due, my neighbors told me I can shower there if needed and I got a big pot to boil and warm water if needed for things.

Husband just called and he has a meeting he fears layoffs, hes not suer whats gonna happen so Im waiting to hear back, he said his problem child employee is also part of the meeting so it could be something else, but hes preparing for the worst as the layoffs have been happening. We are prepared for it, but its always just that unsettling feeling waiting.

So I have no idea how long Im gonna be away from home, I dont have to be back right away and Im enjoying the solitutde and fall colors, leaves, things I dont normally get to see like this.

And Ive been naughty on my own, but thats for another time, not naughty in real life that is, but with solo stuff...

Just wanted to pop in briefly,, hope to write more later, I didnt get enough sleep last night and Im lagging today low energy