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2022-10-25 11:03:32 (UTC)


So yesterday Kim finally got the room 'cat' friendly. I didn't want to sleep in there with the door closed and those cats are nosey as fuck, so she said it was ready. I went to sleep in there and all I could hear were the cats having a field day on all the pillows and blankets (still a shit ton of clothes everywhere) in the room. The little asshole dog also had to be in there and he was just looking at every inch looking for food (it was all picked up) but he never gave up hope. Finally, I just put them all out and shut the door. So, that was sad sleeping without not only Mike but my babies. I just never would have got any sleep, but I did.

We are supposed to go look at a place this week, you watch the day I move out it will be 20 degrees, right now today, it's supposed to be 75 degrees, well actually this whole next week would be perfect. Just depends on how much they need down and crap like that. I still won't get a paycheck until October 4th and it won't even be a full check.

well gotta get my morning meditation and prayer in