Up All Night
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2022-10-25 01:19:58 (UTC)

Don't Know a Title

I haven't been wanting to do anything, especially getting up in the morning and showering -- the first task on the whiteboard. Today I woke up this morning, brushed my hair and put on clean clothes without showering. Tonight I'm going to get in the shower and scrub myself before I go to bed. I haven't had a shower since Saturday. I feel crummy because of it. I suppose it is depression kicking in. I am taking medication for this. I've lost 21 pounds. The leggings I wore today kept sliding down on me. Underwear too. I'm going to need smaller clothes. Quite a few pairs of bottoms are too big for me now. I need to do wash. I don't have much to wear ... What I have will have to last me until I get payed again. I had to buy food, toilet paper and toiletries this pay day. I also spent 25.00 on an enormous sandwich from Subway and had it delivered. I ate the whole thing in one sitting. The sandwich and some Cheetos is the only thing I ate today. I'm planning on going to group at least one day a week if not more. I need to as I feel myself falling. I don't want to let myself go. I have to pick myself up and keep going. Even took my medicine late today. I was so busy waiting for my food and groceries that I forget to take it and took the medicine late. But at least I took the medicine. I'm going to scrub myself tonight.