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Starting over
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2022-10-24 23:46:31 (UTC)

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I just ended the last diary with this,

The happy love story of Mike and Michael has sadly come to an end. I was going to write it all out here but I couldn't get the password figured out so I just started over so I could get it out....word vomit. I am very sad, but so very strong. We have just become 2 different people, he is and always will be a 'rescuer' and I finally no longer need to be rescued. Does that make sense? Mike was my knight and shining armor, he actually did come in and sweep me off my feet. He was my rock through the loss of Chad, he never waivered. Now things have just changed, not our love for each other, just can't explain it. Trust was broken, on both sides, we just came to a stalemate and have just agreed to end while we are ahead I guess.

So, now here I am at 55 (in less than a month) about to start this whole game of life all over again as a single woman.

ok well that is the end of this chapter of my life (still so far my favorite one) and also the end of this diary

peace begins with me