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2022-10-23 17:32:53 (UTC)

“I’m falling. I’m fading. I’m drowning.”

Watched Lain with someone from skribbl 💀
It’s. Idk. It was just weird, the show. I don’t know why it blew up so much, even after watching. The opening song was really good though.

Watching some breaking bad later today. Prepared to be disappointed tbh. My lips are dry.
Gonna try watching some more MHA with the bro bc he likes it so much for some reason.
I wanna use my journal more, but I know I hate skipping so I’ll have to fill out the other ones I have for now. So back to that pug one. Even though it annoys me.
Also remembering that I have homework to work on. The storyboard thingy. The speech how to. Yeah.
I’m tired so I might take a nap outta nowhere.