Lost for words at times
2022-10-23 22:21:00 (UTC)

😢Just how much more does my family have to deal with this year???😢

This evening l had a phone call from my mother telling me my only brother 'S' (55) is in hospital, in a medically induced coma after having a heart attack. I literally don't have the word's.

My youngest son Daniel came and got me to take me over to the hospital. We had to wait briefly outside the ICU where we was met my 'S' ICU nurse who briefed us what to expect. Are you kidding me.. we've both been through all this with Kylo back in April, l thought to myself.
My brother laid on this bed with all the tubes and wires attached to his body, machines and monitors bleeping. My poor brave son.. l knew it would be all too much for him broke down crying and left immediately.
My poor brother who is very fit for his age. Was doing some work for his step son, he collapsed without any warning and wasn't breathing. The step son's pregnant partner started CPR until the parademics got to them.
Once in hospital they established he had a blockage in his heart. 3 stent's have been used in his heart.
The next part of his care package comes tomorrow when they are hopeful to bring him out of his coma.

I seriously hope and pray for him and his family. God, don't do this to our family again.
So much for my calm..