Dream Scribe

2022-10-22 14:12:00 (UTC)

To Be True. (And A Poem : Song Of Gratitude.)

"This above all : to thine own self be true, and it must follow as the night the day, thou canst not be false to any man."

~Polonius, from Hamlet, by Shakespeare.


Unnamed Poem.

You drive me nuts.
Well, you drive me up the wall!
You drive me to drink.
You stress ME the fuck out!
You make me sick.
You go jump in the fucking LAKE!!!
Get lost....
I never get lost, because EVERYONE always tells me where to go......so there.
One day I'll hug the mountains
Race my feet across the oceans
Drive my sword between the Great Divide that Humanity is
Face the sun and watch it bleed
into the moon.
See it cry for a thousand years.
Someday you shall see.
If I could kiss you before an early morning sunrise ;
Bow at your feet ;
wash them with my tears...
I'd have found a love
so pure,
It would cure my soul of every hurt I carry.
I could put away my Pipe of Dreams
Stop fast The Shoreman
in his fanciful wake
Send The Blackbird and her fairies
On their way.
Then shall the Supercilious Archer
break his back to fall back into
Nightmares fade to nothing.
Dreams grow brighter.
This beautiful face of reason
Can do nothing but sing the
Redeeming Song of Truth.
Beware of the Imposter's
She always exhales on the sly.
When your feet take flight
On their homeward journey
Always remember my fingers
Running softly through your
Beautiful shining curls.
The dark of Knight.
There are no small memories
that never last.
I'll keep that wheel to your Porsche.