Gone mental

Notes from my Black
2022-10-23 11:51:42 (UTC)

Audrey dream cotton story name

This dream was weird. A one time ago I had a cat named Audrey. She was a stunningly beautiful cat and a great love too. In the dream she came back with out cat that was let outside for the day. She came back kinda mangy and full of fleas/ticks. I was going to give her a flea and tick squirt, but She stopped me. Then a crew of people came and went through my house and took anything they wanted for props or anything cotton. They ended up with a driveway full of stuff. I didn’t know who they were… She had arranged it without telling me.

I think the dream had to do with control issues and how She bulldozes through our lives and doesn’t think about me. I know she doesn’t think she does…

Last night I was trying to make a quick change to a book I designed spot could go to the printer. The author had found a mistake in a logo. I went to make that change and She complained that I’m always working. Yes it was Saturday but I’m also trying to get paid and I’m trying to do every I can to make money. She doesn’t see it that way. She thinks it should just magically happen. Also she thinks I’m on social media to find people and have a private life… far from it! I’m using social media to grow my author network and get my books sold. She doesn’t believe me. I can’t change that, and I also can’t stop if I want to find people to support the book and grow an audience.

I haven’t written on any stories for about 3 months. I haven’t even tried really. I thumped out an outline for a sequel to a story a few months ago but I’ve been too busy trying to learn marketing. I’ve learned a lot, but mostly I learned I don’t like marketing.

Someone made a comment about my sons name being religious. I’m not, but I did name him a religious name. I didn’t and won’t tell this person the back story but I kinda twinge at not being open and honest. This person probably has the wrong impression of me now. People will draw their own conclusions to what they want the answer to be.