Never Broken
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2022-10-23 00:20:07 (UTC)


I just woke up from a rather nasty dream. My wee terrier, in the dream, found some pills that had fallen on the ground. They were not legal prescription pills. So, because I give him a pill twice a day, he thought he was supposed to eat them and he did. In the dream, of course, he died. Not a nice way to wake up after a very good day.

Speaking of very good days, I realised that last Christmas was the best Christmas Constance and I ever had. Of course, I had no way of knowing that it would be the last Christmas I would spend with her. I wish she were here with me now. She would love the podcast I’ve been listening to lately. She really would. Once this podcast is done, I am going to watch To Catch A Smuggler and then Alone. Constance loved Alone and she would have liked To Catch A Smuggler, also

My wee dog is eating some of his freeze dried raw food. I do not know why he likes that food. It smells abominable.

Sunday…. Monday…. Tuesday…. Wednesday…. And then surgery day. I am truly beginning to get nervous now.