Never Broken
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2022-10-22 15:06:04 (UTC)

Just thinking……

I have been talking to a friend for a couple years now. I recently found out, completely by happenstance, that this friend lied about some of their details. She told me she lived in Ireland. She did not. She told me she worked for the Irish republican movement, and again, she did not. She lives in America and has nothing to do with the Irish republican movement, per se, but she does post a lot of Irish republican posts on Facebook and Twitter..

Now, I understand her motivations and situation. She has several disabilities, does not have much money, and does not leave her home often. I also understand wanting to be part of something you have no hope of becoming part of in the real world. The thing that threw me was that my friend has several other friends in Irish republican circles in Ireland, who are rather careful about giving out their information and accepting random friend requests from people they do not know.

Can I forgive? Yes, I can. I know that those are the only two things she’s lied about. I also know what it feels like to want to be something you are not. I’m more sad than angry. Sad for her, not myself.