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Starting over
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2022-10-20 23:09:36 (UTC)

October 3rd, 2022

I woke up next to Mike with a whole lot of love and hope in my heart. I really don't remember much of the morning because I was nervous about leaving my cats again. No one knows that panther refuses to shit in the litter box if there is 1 turd in there, the little girl princess needs extra loving in the morning and they need fresh water every day in a clean bowl. Silly shit but that's what I remember worrying about, everything else was fine....

On the way down to the rehab, this one was 45 minutes away, we had a great conversation, we agreed that nothing mattered from that moment before (all the bad stuff) while I'm not quite ready to get to the details of why I couldn't trust him, I have already shared why he couldn't trust me, doesn't matter who did what, we both fucked up and deceived each other, neither one is worse than the other) everything was just wiped from our memory. I gave the grace to Mike that God gives me every day. From this moment on, we were going to be 100% honest, even if it hurts.

I entered this rehab with a pep in my step I must say. It was 5000000 times nicer than the first place, however, now that I am out of there, I do see the method to the madness that was there. This place was like Betty Ford, for the poor people, still very nice.

The program had a plan you had to follow, there was a lot of down time if you wanted it. I didn't, I went to every single thing I could learn, every meeting, every group, I was there to learn. Most of the groups were cancelled so that really sucked. My girl M was keeping a diary it was hilarious. I can't remember it all but it was something like this:

day 1: house meeting: someone shit in the shower

day 2: house meeting: someone left hair on the floor

day 3, I don't know but I do know that she made my stay there amazing.

she was keeping count of all the meetings and group that were cancelled and she is going to write a letter to the head of the company. Most people liked all the down time, not us we wanted to get fixed so we could get home.

Anyways...I entered this rehab with nothing but love for my husband and to fresh beginnings

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