Never Broken
2022-10-19 16:51:33 (UTC)

Inspection over, but…

Well, the inspection is over and like a coward I spent the whole time on the phone to a friend of mine who’s a pastor, so they couldn’t ask me any questions. Ok, I should be kinder to myself, I’m thinking. I had not intended to be on the phone, but it worked out that way. Now I am nervous about the fact that I didn’t get to explain that I would replace the carpet before I leave. Oh well. There’s nothing I can do about it now. If they ask me, I’ll tell them then.

Now, I am stressing out over this pain management appointment tomorrow. Since I am already walking the perimeter of Crazy Town, I probably won’t be as prepared as I should be, but what can I do? Nothing. This, of course, assumes that I can get transport to the doctor’s office. I am so tapped out right now, it’s not funny. I’ve been ringing my mother, trying to get her to turn her phones on, but no luck. My telepathy is failing me. 😂

Now, I am trying to forget my own problems by immersing myself in someone else’s nightmare via true crime podcasts.