Evolving marriage
2022-10-18 22:08:07 (UTC)

Leaving Vegas

Dear Diary,
Heading home from Vegas, would have been nice to have 1 more night, but oh well! We did have a fun time. We arent all the way home yet, stopped at the Dealership for the 10,000 mileage stuff. Then we are grabbing dinner in the big city before driving the rest of the way home.

We pretty much stayed in our hotel, had dinner out both nights at a great place, Filet Mignon, Calamari, bread, Bourbon Sweet Potatoes, Omgosh the desser Banana Bread Fosters Bread Pudding (omgosh! Yumm!)

Went and saw a movie Amsterdam, went swimming and hung out by the pool, played some silly penny slots, I enjoy that stuff, just give me $20 and Ill make that a fun experience, and I tend do always do better on those then hubby. And then Im done!

Rest of the time was sex filled in our room and we had edibles. Had one drink with our Sunday night dinner but otherwise no other alcohol and no feeling hungover, blood sugar all outta whack. Instead I just feel kinda mellow from the edibles.

Have to wire the $ for the house sale tomm! The sellers already signed, I got the electric service set up and the stuff to an ins agent to get the quote for the home ins. Everywhere else is closed now utility wise so Ill call tomm AM to work on the rest. Hoping to leave thurs or friday to head out of state to the homestead and to the new house purchase.

Life is good, Love my husband. And Im a bit naughty... but thats for another time.