A lifetime of pain and healing
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2022-10-18 18:47:48 (UTC)

One weekend me and my brother ..

One weekend me and my brother were running around our room. We had created an obstacle course. The last of it we had to carry each other across the room. My brother carried me and then I went through and it was my turn to carry him. He say on the dresser and wrapped his arms and legs around me. Piggy back was what we called it. I started to carry him and after a few steps we fell backwards. my mom heard us fall and she came into the room. She appeared angry and started cussing us and calling us idiots. She told both of us to go stand in the corner. When mom told us to she would only have us put our hands behind our backs so it was a lot easier to do. We stood there only a few minutes before I asked to go to the bathroom. I went in and urinated and flushed the toilet and washed my hands. I came back out and got in the corner. My brother went in after me and done number 2 as most people say. Washed his hands. He didn't flush the toilet. My mom's boyfriend came in and walked through the home and went to the bathroom. We only had one bathroom at the time. He began screaming and cussing and asked us who didn't flush the toilet. Neither of us responded. He had us stand side by side in front of their bed and continued asking us. My brother admitted he didn't flush the toilet. My mom's boyfriend wouldn't accept that as an answer. He told my brother to stop lying because he knew it was me that didn't flush the toilet. The argument went back and forth. He got frustrated and went into the kitchen. He came back with 2 black trash bags. He had me step into one and my brother step into one. We pulled the bags up to our chest. He told us to stand still. He went outside and came back in with a chainsaw. He said if we didn't tell the truth he would cut our legs off and there wouldn't be a mess because we were in a trash bag. He started the chainsaw and put it next to our bags back and forth. He was yelling at us and asking if we wanted to tell the truth now. We were crying and screaming and my mom was laughing on her bed. In that moment I genuinely felt he was crazy enough to cut our legs off. I started screaming and said it was me even though it wasn't because I figured that's what he wanted to hear. He turned off the chainsaw and told me to lay over the edge of the bed. He had his belt ready and he began hitting me with the belt and having me count. I rolled away from him and he started hitting me faster. As he hit me I was yelling that I had to pee. He wouldn't stop..I urinated on their bed. My mom was still laughing until she seen that I had urinated. She told him to stop. I got up and tried to run out of the room. He was swinging the belt at me as I ran. The belt was hitting my legs. He told me to go take a bath and he kept hitting me until I got into the bathroom.