Slowly descending into madness
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2022-10-18 02:32:37 (UTC)

Just when you think that the ..

Just when you think that the world can't get any worse, I found out there's a guy in my friendlist who happens to be a gang-rapist, there's no proof though but yea, people know. But there's no proof.

When I was 8/9 years old, I read a book, I think it was called প্রিয়তমেষু। I'm very bad at remembering book names but this one was exceptionally good. Somewhere in the book, it was said the females who get raped tend to take showers after showers to get rid of touch which ultimately results in lacking proof. Very important piece of information at an early age.

Moving on to another traumatic incident. My father had a student at IUT who used to idolize my father, in fact he saw my father as his father figure back in his IUT days. The student is from Afghanistan. He's really nice and he became very close to us. We often used to have dinner together, he was also invited to our family get togethers. Within a short time span we've sort of accepted him as our adopted brother. So, gradually we also talked to his family members in Afghanistan. Mom told me today Talibans killed his sister in Afghanistan quite a long time ago. He didn’t know how to break the news to us so he kept that misery with himself. A great news is, he fled from Mexico to USA and is trying to bring the rest of his family in Afghanistan.

So there's all of this. Life's been messy and I don’t know how to deal with it. The last time I properly slept was on Saturday night. After that, 8-9 hours of sleep for 3 days straight. I don’t like stressing out.