Never Broken
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2022-10-17 20:53:40 (UTC)

Pain management???

I received a phone call today asking me if I would like a pain management appointment on Thursday. Of course I said yes. I do want pain relief. When one has pain like mine, how could one not? Still, I am wary. My past experiences with pain management, and with this clinic in particular, make me feel a certain apprehension.

You see, about 10-12 years ago, I was a patient of this clinic. I constantly had instances where my pain medication was not controlling the pain. This could have been alleviated by switching my medications, as is common with some people on opioids, but I was never given that option. The doctor already had the prescriptions written before he entered the room, so saying that something wasn’t working or needed adjusting was not an option. It so happened that during these flare ups, I would call the surgery to ask what I was supposed to do for them, which was what I was told to do. They always had the same answer…. Go to the emergency department. I would do that, get my meds adjusted or sometimes, receive an injection.

When the doctor found out that I had done this on a couple of occasions, he accused me of “doctor shopping”. Now, I understand if that was against the rules, but if it were, why was I told to do it, then? I never got a chance to explain that I had been told to go there.

I was reluctant, but willing, when I was offered a referral to this clinic again. It will probably be fine because I am seeing a different doctor this time. I will simply explain what happened last time and that I wouldn’t have done so if I had not been told to do it.

This certainly could be a blessing. I want to believe it is.

Cautiously optimistic,