A lifetime of pain and healing
2022-10-16 18:06:56 (UTC)

My mom called me yesterday and ..

My mom called me yesterday and said she was pretty sure her boyfriend had drugged her or overdosed her on her own prescription. She has a medicine that puts her to sleep and I honestly have been trying to keep my distance. So I hadn't called her for a couple days. So I hadn't heard from her for 4 days and my brother called me and said he thought she was sick because he couldn't wake her up for more than a few minutes here or there. We had went through an incident in January where her boyfriend was lethargic and he had pneumonia. He pretty much almost died. I honestly feel I should've let him but I was afraid of getting charges. Anyway. So I went over and began asking questions and she said he would go to the gas station and get her a fountain drink and bring it back and shortly after she would get tired. She said she questioned him about it and he said he would never do anything to hurt her. So I said him being the narcissist he is if you pick that apart he said he wouldn't hurt you he didn't say he didn't drug you. So all in all made several more statements and then said he done it by accident. So she went on a trip with her new boyfriend. Just for the day and came back. She did leave her sister's house and move back in with him. But somehow thinks she can live with the guy she is trying to leave and make a new life with another man like right in front of him and everything will be okay. I told her that's a great combination for a homicide. She tells me I'm crazy. But she called me and said that she was moving back out and needed my help. I have been in class and working 3 jobs and barely have time to sleep so I told her I couldn't help her. So all day I've just played out different thoughts as to how and who could get hurt and tried to put a narrative together on what I'd say in the event someone was killed or injured. I don't live there so there isn't really anything I can do. The police are well aware of the situation over there and usually visit 2-4 times a week these days due to the violence.