The Queen

2022-10-16 21:32:42 (UTC)

A good and a bad thing + brain dump

Thanks to Ry I managed to message my ex-internship company.
Ar blocked me on instagram.
Because I creep men.
Why was I never able to creep my father is beyond my understanding.
Well, I'm not just a bad muslim.
You'll watch my deeds.
I am evil to all humans. because who is evil to me, I'm evil to them, lest the relation.
I very well know how to cut off people that I live with too. So strangers don't even count.
I don't harm people without a reason.
So all ya male bitches with your whore friends remember. You must have done something to earn my wrath.
Oh! a human cannot have their wrath.
Well watch me on the day of resurrection then.

I'm more than evil. I don't have good character either.
I do what I do with my emotions. Because my EQ is low.

I wish this woman had tried to convince me to use his money for therapy, instead she came at my neck. How pathetic.