Never Broken
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2022-10-16 05:13:12 (UTC)

I Wish

Dearest Constance:

I wish you were here with me now and for eternity. I wish you could hold me during the nightmares, during the times when my mind plays tricks on me. You could always make me find my centre again. I seem to have lost it without you.

I miss your touch, your laugh, your songs, our love making. Ach, sure, many say I will love again and I know that is true, but one can love and not *know* love. If I do love again, it will have to be a very patient and understanding woman who can come to terms with the fact that you were the top of the heap, the gold standard. My one true, pure love.

It is drawing close to my favourite time of year. The air is chilled, I am feeling pretty good and am hopeful about the future. I wish you were here to share these days with. Your wit, your kindness, your optimism. All of those things sustained me…. And sustain me still.

I will be ever faithful to you, your ideals and your memory. I will do the things I should do, not only because God would will me to do them, but also because you would always encourage me to do the right thing — the kind thing.

Rest peacefully, dear one. I shall see you one day. I have no idea when that will be, for no one knows the time of their death, with the exception of characters in novels, but I know with certainty, we will be together again some day.

Yours forever,