The Real Me
2022-10-15 23:44:58 (UTC)


He is far. I have been mistaken so many times, it would be careless for me to assume that he will continue to be a good guy. I have seen him snap and be stubborn. Maybe I should run. Does the connection even matter?

If I think back to who he is...he..shocked me...he was different. Different from what I knew him to be. People will always show glimpses of their true colours. He can be cruel, it would be naive for me to think that I will sit on this beautiful pedestal forever because ultimately he will drop me.

I don't know.. if that was a trigger or it is his personality. It is him though. Everyone has anger...boundaries. I don't know how I feel about boundaries because I don't have any. He kept swearing at me. I am.not innocent I swear too...but he's meant to be better than me right?

Because ultimately,the people I choose are fucked.

Or I am being harsh and too black and white. I can accept him...but I have to always be the one that can melt him. So I guess that's what it comes down to. But that is rare. But then again this is rare.