Never Broken
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2022-10-15 12:45:37 (UTC)

What blessings today?

Yesterday, I started a 54 day series of prayers. Something magical happened. When I put some effort into my prayers, actually prayed them with fervent supplication instead of “I want it, give it to me,” I received blessing.

I don’t know if I mentioned this before, so this might not be news, but in talking with my surgeon yesterday, and explaining to him the concerns I had around pain control after the surgery, he agreed to refer me for an emergency pain management appointment, not only for after surgery, but for in the future as well. It’s funny that the thing I was praying for had nothing to do with the blessing I received, but then, the thing I was praying for isn’t supposed to happen until the end of the month, so of course, I wasn’t expecting it. What surprised me was that I was blessed with something I desperately needed, and had been wishing for, but I suppose I felt that I could not ask for it. I suppose I felt that I was not to have pain management, since I have been trying to arrange something since 2016 with no success. I supposed God didn’t want me to have pain management. That he wanted me to suffer for whatever reason.

Well, I have done my prayers today and, even though it’s 1:50 in the afternoon here, I have only been awake from my slumber for about an hour and fifty minutes. I prayed, as I stated, fed the dogs, checked the water, took them outside and now I am listening to podcasts…. True crime ones, of course.

I wonder what blessing will I receive this day? I shall not try to guess if or when I will be blessed as I was yesterday again, for every day one is alive in a blessing. Instead, I feel the need to list what I am grateful for. So, here we are in no particular order:

Ireland. My country, in my opinion, is the best country in the world. Yes, north and south fight like cousins at a family dinner, and yes, different factions in the north fight like another set of cousins, but it is still the greatest place to be.

Finn getting a good home.

My wee Terrier dog and my Anatolian Shepherd.

Mindy, my puppy’s breeder.

Carrie, my dear friend.


My reader from Portugal, (don’t know if I can say her name here, so I will not for the time being), we are both idealists and both believe in love. And she writes beautifully.

My parents.

My phones and iPad.

The food I have to eat.

A roof over my head.

My children.

Books to read.

L, another dear friend from New Mexico.

T, a friend for a few years now.

P, another friend.

C, a friend from Serbia.

The Catholic Church and faith.

My opportunities, whatever they may be.

M, another friend. I need to call her. We have spoken in a while.

My surgeon.

My GP. He is grand.

I know there are other things I am forgetting, but that’s all I can list for now.

The dog made a mess of something. I’m away.