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2022-10-15 07:15:59 (UTC)

Altitude Sickness

(Adult Sexual Content)

Dear Diary,
Its just after 1am. I got up for a bathroom break and to shut some lights off, grabbed a cookie and sat down on the couch.

We went hiking this am, was beautiful, perfect weather and was a good test run for hubbys knee since the injury and surgery. Dr has said he can start doing things, running, jumping and allt, so it was a challenging but 1 mile hike to the Outlook, gorgeous view!

Had a family of deer cross the road on way in and a family of mountain goats on the way out, was super cool.

Drove to a food cart on the other side of the park, fried chicken and french fries. I was starting to feel a bit of a headche, and took something, we headed back and stopped by a place we have never stopped in before, said it was a Farm store, had goodies and gift store things, and they have soup bread bowls and are open 6 days a week. So we will go back sometime and have one for dinner, we just grabbed a cookie and were on our way home. Hubby said how simple the day was and how he loved it, we were heading back home around 1.

I ended up with a headache, nausea and realized it could be altitude sickness, drank lots of water, took a nap but still felt awful. took some garlic as online it says it can help and drank more electrolyte water, but the eve I opted to half a gummie as it would work for nausea and headache when I googled. Soo was worth a shot! It did help! Took a bath, then hubby did and I was hanging out on the couch for awhile chatting with friends. then put the lap top away and perched myself next to hubby on the couch. things got handsy quickly, I made my interest known and he followed touching me, fingering me, and asking me if I wanted something more. I said yes and he got up and took his clothes off, I had a skirt on and he had removed my panties already. He got up on me! I mean literally on his knees! Keep in mind knee surgery and hes not been able to be on top, but he got on top tonight! Its been over 6 mos said Ive had him laying on top of me looking down on me, was very nice. We played quite awhile on the couch and then moved to the bedroom where we finished with me on my back the edge of the bed and we had sex that way for quite awhile... until we both came, and I was literally laying at the opposite end of the bed, and holding on his legs and cock and kissing his leg and passed out there, Woke up later and here I am. I feel all better other then a little groggy.
Our guests came in late tonight and wifi has been giving us probs, hubby was able to get it fixed right away, whew! But said hes gotta get a new whatever the thing is that piggy backs out there off our wifi, its been switching to radio or something he said, happened twice now. He gets it fixed but this is annoying.

Well thats it for tonight,, we dont have any major plans tomm, which Im glad, as we leave Sunday probably around 11am for Vegas. Our guest checks out at 10am, so Ill get the bedding stripped and all that and trash out before we go and lock it up.

Life is good.