The Dairy Of Oblivion
2022-10-15 00:01:49 (UTC)


MY PARENTS JUST CAUGHT ME SMOKING INCENSES LMAOOOOOOOO THEY LITERALLY OPENED EVERY WINDOW IND THIS HOUSE WHILE I ALWAYS JUST LEFT MY WINDOW OPEN OVERNGHT aFTER SMOKING PREviously, UH OH THAY WERENT AS MAD as I thought they’ll be but omg if only they known how I smoked them lmao, anyway it was worth it cause now I feel kinda better and calmer, uhhh the worst part is that now I can only smoke them when home alone which makes me wait a fucking week because my dad is driving to work in just a week (he works abroad lol) andddddddddddd I felt kinda bad before “smoking” (goddamn calling burning an incense and kinda inhaling and exhaling the smoke smoking is weird asf) because uh overthinking, a. Was kind of a bitch to me sometimes (we met again today bruh it was quite okay buuttt not completely) and I CAN LITERALLY MY HANDS SMELL LIKE THAT INCENSE WHYYY MY MOM HAD TO GO TO MY ROOM JUST WHEN I WAS SMOKING IT AND WATCHING SOME YT STANDING BY THE OPEN WINDOW it was such a beautiful and majestic scenario, the climate outside the smell of incense in my throat the ys playthrought watched with no headphones just the volume low ah…. Anyway I’m finishing this entry cause my mom can storm into my room every second and I barely know what time is it I’m literally loosing track of time today cause of exhaustion probably, idk I think I haven’t slept more that 6h last week so uh oh yea and idk why I’m even writing this, nobody cares for such a small detail of somebody’s life but I think it just helps to cope with certain situations..

—VOID IS LOGGING OUT i҉̧̯̤̙͔̑ͧ̅̔ͦ́͜͟͢͝͠ s҉̝̭̦͚̑ͯ̌͡a҉͖̟̜̞̂̃̑̽͢͢͠͡w҉̢̡̹̮͌̄ͦ͜͟͟͞͠͞ t҉̷҉̢͖͔̹͛̌͊͘͜͢͠͡͡h̷̶̘̘̬ͭ̏͞͡e̵̡̫̫͍͕̎ͭ̐͟͟͝͞ f҉̴̥͎̰̰̒͌͛͐ͧ̕͜͝͡͞a҉͖̟̜̞̂̃̑̽͢͢͠͡c̷̶҉̵̢͚̣̻̲̬͑̑͛͐̀͜͜͜͝͡͝͠e̵̡̫̫͍͕̎ͭ̐͟͟͝͞ o҉̢̡̲͇̌͗̀͢͝f҉̴̥͎̰̰̒͌͛͐ͧ̕͜͝͡͞ g̷̵̸̡̼̱͎͎̞ͤͬ̅͢͟͞o҉̢̡̲͇̌͗̀͢͝d҉̴̷̧̢̛̖͔̤ͯ̔̑̄͢͟͡͠ a҉͖̟̜̞̂̃̑̽͢͢͠͡n̸͐̈́͟͟͝d҉̴̷̧̢̛̖͔̤ͯ̔̑̄͢͟͡͠ i҉̧̯̤̙͔̑ͧ̅̔ͦ́͜͟͢͝͠t҉̷҉̢͖͔̹͛̌͊͘͜͢͠͡͡ w҉̢̡̹̮͌̄ͦ͜͟͟͞͠͞a҉͖̟̜̞̂̃̑̽͢͢͠͡s҉̝̭̦͚̑ͯ̌͡ w҉̢̡̹̮͌̄ͦ͜͟͟͞͠͞e̵̡̫̫͍͕̎ͭ̐͟͟͝͞e̵̡̫̫͍͕̎ͭ̐͟͟͝͞p̷̸̷̨͙͙͇ͨ̌ͣ͋͟͢͠i҉̧̯̤̙͔̑ͧ̅̔ͦ́͜͟͢͝͠n̸͐̈́͟͟͝g̷̵̸̡̼̱͎͎̞ͤͬ̅͢͟͞--

Don’t ask, some horror meme classics stuff…..