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2022-10-14 23:27:34 (UTC)

October 14

I made a new Instagram account specifically for my photos of girls. I have an old account that I haven’t uploaded anything to for years, I will use that for my other photos. I have a lot of nature and bird photos, but those aren’t even edited yet. I will edit and upload them later to my old account. I don’t really like editing. I love photography for taking the photos and I like the final images, but the editing process in between them is just a chore for me. So I neglected it, and now I have years worth of unedited photos. But all the photos I took of girls are already edited (well, except for the ones from the latest two shoots), because people expect that I deliver the pictures as soon as possible, so I had to edit those. Birds and trees don’t have such expectations.

So when yesterday I started sorting my old photos, I started with the photos of girls, and today I continued it. I had to collect them from different places on my hard drive, and had to decide from which photoshoots to upload the pictures. I used to keep a lot of pictures from each shoot, and now I had to decide which few to upload from each. I didn’t expect it, but this was a very exhausting process. Probably because I had to make constant conscious, hard decisions. So I progressed slowly. I’ll try to keep fewer photos from now on. I’m not done with this, but not much remained.

I contacted the girls from the photos, all of them gave their permission for me to use the pictures. We already agreed to this back when I took the photos, but I asked them again, then I uploaded the pictures to my new Insta account. There are 3 girls that I had shot multiple times, but haven’t had a photoshoot with in years. I asked them if they’re still interested in modeling for me, and I was very happy that all of them enthusiastically said yes.

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