no name
2022-10-14 06:25:44 (UTC)
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I’m dropping made in abyss. I watched the first season, saw the weird crapped and tried to bypass it, finished the 12 episodes or however many. I watched the 3rd movie (bc the first and second were literally just those 12 episodes compacted into 2 hours, go figure) and made it idk 1/3 of the way through maybe??? And ended up seeing some weird pedophilic bull crap that my eyes are cursed with. I’ve had enough. I literally just paused and went to search and see if ANYONE ELSE was picking up on how gross this crap has been at times and I finally see that other people confirmed it. AND that there were more gross adults in the story than I thought.

With all of that being said. I am dropping that series. Waste of time, I guess. I liked the premise, they didn’t need to execute it with child nudity. Fudging bozos.