Never Broken
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2022-10-14 03:34:15 (UTC)

Goodbye sweet Finn


You might think me odd writing a letter to you, a Golden Retriever who cannot read it. Still, I feel compelled to put these words down.

You were not the right dog for me. You did not enjoy service work and were too anxious to be an effective service dog in any case. It is not your fault, or the fault of your breeder’s, but rather the fault of circumstance. When you first came home to me, a friend had done something horrible and involved me in it unknowingly. I ended up agonising over what to do and turned my friend into the authorities. The stress and uncertainty of not knowing whether I would be jailed too made me anxious and that rubbed off on you at your tender age.

Finn, you are a grand dog. Not the dog for me, but grand nonetheless. You need someone who can give you more time and attention that I can, who can support you in your anxious moments without making it worse. I also have anxiety, so I need a dog that can support me. We just were not meant to stay together.

I had you for a year and a half and you taught me so much. You love with the purest form of love. Unconditional love and acceptance. Your heart is pure and you, in your Golden Retriever way, would have tried to do anything in your doggie power to please me or make me smile.

I believe you will have a good home with E. She said we could visit and I could even bring Dewie over to play sometime, so I’m sure I’ll see you again. Be a good dog. Be pure. Be kind…. Be a golden Retriever as you are. And a fine one, too.