Never Broken
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2022-10-13 03:17:42 (UTC)


I finally sold my Golden Retriever. The money has not changed hands and the dog is still in my possession, but his new owner will be picking him up later today. I did not get what I wanted for him, only about a third of it actually, but he is going to get a good home with someone who can give him the time and attention he deserves so that he can be his best doggie self.

I am working on my fundraiser for my puppy and I learned lots of ways to help that process, so I’ll be getting that off the ground later today.

My pain is quite high right now, as I did some extra walking, so I am drinking my kratom tea and then will eat something and try and rest a bit. I suffer from painsomnia, a condition called that by the fact that pain is so bad it makes one unable to sleep. It is not a recognised medical condition, just something used by people in pain to explain their state of sleeplessness. Because I work from home a lot, I can sleep when I feel I can and don’t have to stick to a rigid schedule as long as my work gets done. Of course, sometimes, I must make site visits to prisons or victims, or go to meetings at one political office or another, but mostly I can function the way I do best. My friend Saoirse, who also writes here with her husband and Master Connor, is the niece of the supposedly retired head of the political party I work for and because she is like a daughter to me, I am given a lot of latitude.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring. I hope nothing too traumatic.